Liquor store job queue footage sparks debate

Liquor store job queue footage sparks debate

Liquor store job queue footage sparks debate

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A video has gone viral showing people squashed together to hand in a job application at liquor store in Ontario, Canada, sparking a debate over the current employment market.

The footage showed a long line of job seekers outside of an LCBO location in London, Ontario.

In the video you can see young people pushing up against each other holding job applications, trying to get through the door. A woman is seen holding the door open, before putting her hand against one of the applicants to stop them from coming in.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union states that all positions at LCBO are unionised, and starting pay is above minimum wage, which is $16.55 in Ontario.

"Wtf is going on in Canada?" Reads one comment under the video.

One user called it "Great Depression vibes", whilst another asked "how did we get here?"

Whilst one user argued that this is "nothing new!" And that it was the "exact same thing for a superstore 20 years ago."

On Twitter/X, one user suggested that the line may be due to the good wage paid by LCBO, rather than an indicator of declining employment rates.

Earlier this month, LCBO was named one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers for their diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts.

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