Brexit means Brexit and, so it seems, a torrent of awkward tweets.

Much like famous Brexit advocate president Donald Trump, when something Brexit-related develops, there’s often a cringeworthy old tweet from the Leave campaign to draw upon.

This time, following the news that Japanese car maker Honda is set to close its manufacturing plant in Swindon, putting 3500 jobs at risk, a pre-Brexit tweet by Leave.EU is doing the rounds.

Writer James Felton shared a screengrab of a tweet from the pro-Brexit campaign group which suggested that Honda was “right behind” the plant “whatever happens” with Brexit.

Though sadly, as today’s news indicates, it was not to be. Who could possibly have predicted that? Well, besides the entire remain campaign and 48 per cent of the electorate, that is.

Twitter users wasted no time roasting Leave EU for the blunder.

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