Stale comedian Lee Hurst has been suspended from Twitter and reported to police for ‘inciting violence’ against Chris Whitty.

After disturbing footage of England’s Chief Medical Officer being harassed by men in a park surfaced earlier this week, MPs, ministers and public figures showed their support for Whitty and called for him to receive better security.

But Hurst decided he could not miss an opportunity to be contrary and, failing to graduate from the ‘shock factor = funny’ school of comedy best left in the nineties, said: “Whatever has happened to Chris Whitty is not enough.”

Immediately, people slammed Hurst and said he was advocating for violence against Whitty:

Some called on Twitter to take action:

Others thought the police should get involved:

The clip that triggered Hurst’s tweet shows two men accosting Whitty and making a lot of noise while asking him for a photo. In the video, Whitty attempts to walk away but the men put their hands around his shoulders to try and pull him back. The Metropolitan Police are investigating the incident and Whitty has received almost unanimous support.

Despite the backlash he received, Hurst continued on his rant and posted two further repulsive tweets about Whitty, who has been crucial in England’s pandemic response.

And people continued to slam him.

On Wednesday morning, Hurst’s Twitter account had been suspended.


Hurst was temporarily suspended from the social media platform earlier this year after making a vile joke about Greta Thunberg.

At the time, he showed no remorse and said: “I am sorry. I’m sorry there are so many po faced, humourless losers who have all, at some point in their dreary lives, told a joke that someone somewhere took offence to and are then hypocritical enough to join in a pile on like the sad poseurs they are.”

He has also made weird jokes mocking young people for getting the vaccine, and is a vocal lockdown sceptic.

Top bloke.

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