Lena Dunham shares before and after pics to prove being thin isn't everything

As figures from popular culture go, you don’t get many people more divisive than Lena Dunham.

The Girls creator sometimes faces valid criticism for her more outlandish quotes, but she's always received unwarranted negativity for her body shape .

Dunham rose to fame because neither she nor her breakthrough television show fit the traditional mould for how young women were expected to look or behave on screen. Dunham routinely let viewers see her naked eating cupcakes in bathtubs, attempting some questionable sex positions and even playing naked table tennis.

Though, despite the hate that inevitably came her way, many women expressed respect and relief that she was able to show her body so freely. In a recent interview with The Cut,Dunham revealed that since she underwent a hysterectomy as treatment for her endometriosis, she has put on weight. As she recovers, she has been searching for clothing brands that are inclusive and accessible.

Dunham posted an Instagram snap, displaying the "before and after" of her changing weight. She wrote that in 2017, she was feeling "very sick", but now she is very grateful for her present health and shape.

Fans were quick to have Dunham's back with many sending her messages of support.

@emmy.cloud wrote:

Thank you for being so open about your experience as a woman. You have the power to effect change in young women’s lives. Thank you for using your platform in such a positive and inspiring way.

@colette_wasson wrote:

Thankyou for being such a positive role model for girls everywhere!!❤️

@heyjudeabella wrote:

I understand & feel you. When I was sick(er) I was happy to lose the weight but silently bashed my body in my head. I was in pain...I had zero appetite & taste buds. It’s been a tough ride. I’m heavier now and healthier too. I’m learning to accept my new ‘normal’. I love your stories...the truth...the hurt...the love. Thank you...♥️

@indngurl wrote:

You are absolutely, stunningly beautiful!! YOU are an inspiration!!

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