The BBC’s hotly-anticipated adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic story of love and revolution in 19th century Paris aired for the first time on Sunday night.

But people weren’t sure of what to make of the lack of singing and dancing in the latest version of Les Misérables.

Unlike the wildly popular film and theatre adaptations, the BBC’s new version sets aside the classic songs and takes things back to Hugo’s original novel.

But some people found themselves humming along to the first episode anyway.

Others pointed out that the lack of songs allows more time to explore the subtleties of Hugo's epic novel.

But maybe more confusing than the lack of songs, are the British regional accents the actors use.

At least we won’t have to endure Russell Crowe’s questionable singing again.

We’re pretty sure this won’t be the last adaptation of Les Mis to grace our screens. And some people already have some interesting ideas for the next version.


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