The most moving rendition of a Les Miserables song you're likely to see

Declan McMullan suffered a cardiac arrest aged 19 and spent over a year in hospital before returning home to be diagnosed with locked-in syndrome as a result of the brain damaged he sustained.

He cannot eat, speak or see and is confined to a wheelchair. But he can communicate with his eyes, retains full understanding of what is going on, and can hear.

That's where his brother Mark comes in. In a video destined to go viral, Ulster University student Mark sings Bring Him Home, from Les Miserables, to Declan in their local in County Down, and it's very moving.

on a Facebook fundraising page

Declan has an amazing sense of humour and has shown immense courage and strength throughout. Our amazing son has a long journey ahead, but he will travel that road with the love and support of his family, friends and the wider community.

As his family, we take one day at a time in the hope that he will continue to improve. We are eternally grateful to everyone who has helped him along the way, we will never forget your kindness.

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