Same sex couple become first in Europe to have baby which they both carried

Same sex couple become first in Europe to have baby which they both carried
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A lesbian couple have become the first in Europe and only the second in the world to have a baby they both carried.

Little Derek Eloy came into the world weighing just over 7 lb 4 oz.

Couple Estefanía, 30, and Azahara, 27, went to a fertility clinic in March to begin the process.

A capsule of eggs and sperm was first placed into Estefania’s vagina.

It was left for five days so the sperm could naturally fertilise the eggs in vivo.

After the device was removed, the embryos were examined and selected before being transferred into Azahara’s uterus for further development.

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Azahara then carried Derek for nine months before giving birth to the healthy boy on 30 October.

Derek’s birth in Palma, Majorca, was made possible thanks to an innovative fertility treatment called INVOcell.

In total, the couple paid more than £4,400 (€5,000) for the treatment and the medication they had to take.

A doctor from the team that made Derek’s birth possible explained: “The novelty in this process is that both could carry the embryo and share it for as long as needed.”

Estefanía told local media: “It was a way for both of us to be able to carry him.

“The idea that I could participate in this way and carry him in my womb was much more exciting.”

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Derek is the first European baby born via INVOcell.

The technology has only been used once before - in 2018 by Texan couple Bliss and Ashleigh Coulter to allow them to carry their son, Stetson.

Estefanía said: “Now, I look at him, my partner and I look at each other, and we feel that it’s something that has been within both of us, something we’ve done together.”

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