Neighborhood association banned LGBTQ+ flag - so homeowner lit up his entire house
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A homeowner who was allegedly banned from flying the LGBTQ+ flag from their house after five years had the best response - they lit up their house in pride colors.

The local homeowners association reportedly decided last month to only allow the flying of the US flag, after some neighbors were seen flying the Black Lives Matter and opinion flags, the homeowner said in">a post on Reddit on Wednesday.

Someone reported the homeowner for flying the LGBTQ+ flag at their house a day after the HOA’s announced its decision, prompting the homeowner to follow compliance orders and remove the flag.

Specifics about the HOA managing the properties in that neighborhood and the location of this house have not been revealed.

The homeowner didn’t immediately respond to indy100’s request for comments.

In the Reddit post, the homeowner said that they have been flying the flag on their porch since 2016.

“Looking through our new rules, we noticed that removable lights are permitted without restriction so... we bought 6 colored floodlights, and we washed our house in pride colors,” the homeowner said.

“A little less subtle than our simple flag. A lot more fun for anyone complaining about the flag itself and what it represents,” the Reddit user added.

The homeowner received a massive online response from users on Reddit that they had to clarify some details.

“I don’t think they change the flag rule to attack me personally and that I decided to do this to show my individuality while still following the rules,” the homeowner wrote in all caps on Reddit.

People tend to express their views and beliefs by flying flags on their homes but some homeowners associations in the US often request neighborhood residents to comply with certain flag policies.

Last year, Florida-based homeowner Antoine Mickel received a letter from his HOA asking him to remove his Black Lives Matter flag, local news outlet News4Jax reported.

Mickel reportedly filed a lawsuit against his HOA in response to the request, claiming that he “ can’t even sit in my home and feel comfortable.”

The lawsuit alleged that Mickel was discriminated against for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

“A letter would have been sent had he flown a Blue Lives Matter flag off of his house. At this time, the Association does not intend to take any further action and considers the matter closed,” the HOA told News4Jax.

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