The countries comfortable with a gay, lesbian or bisexual leader, mapped


The Eurobarometer is a survey series started by the European Commission in 1974, consisting of around 1,000 face-to-face interviews with respondents from each country in the EU.

Reports from these surveys are published biannually and are used to inform the public and the commission about social attitudes and political attitudes, varying across the continent.

One such survey in 2015, which polled EU countries, assessed the comfortability with gay, lesbian or bisexual leaders in the highest political office in each country.

The survey broadly found that Western Europe was more comfortable with the notion than Eastern Europe - a pattern recently visualised by reddit user Bezzleford.

View the graphic below:

Leo Varadkar, the Irish Taoiseach, was elected leader of Fine Gael on 2 June 2017 and was appointed Taoiseach with a 57-50 vote (47 abstentions), becoming the country's first openly gay leader, as well as the youngest ever Taoiseach (although both Éamon de Valera and Michael Collins were younger on becoming the head of government).

Ana Brnabić was appointed Prime Minister of Serbia by her predecessor Aleksandar Vučić and her government was voted into office by a majority in the Serbian National Assembly on 29 June 2017.

She became the fifth openly LGBT head of government in the world and the second female LGBT head of government worldwide. She also became the first woman and first openly gay person to hold her office.

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