People are not impressed with the limited edition 'millennial railcard'

People are not impressed with the limited edition 'millennial railcard'

The prospect of 26-30 year olds getting a massive discount on train fares has obviously prompted millennials to log on to the railcard website.

But with only 10,000 available as of this morning, millennials were always going to be facing a bit of a lottery to get their hands on one.

Needless to say, the website crashed.

We’re sorry that customers are having issues to buy a trial 26-30 Railcard this morning.

We’re experiencing extremely high volumes of traffic to the website.

But that’s just one of many, many annoyances reported since the limited edition £30 online card was released.

One person pointed out the painful odds of actually getting a card.

They’re like unicorns, really. Beautiful, but so rare if we're talking about Harry Potter ones.

Literally everything annoyed people.

It's basically the Hunger Games.

Others were angry they were left out of the millennial bracket.

And pointed out Phillip Hammond pledged railcards to “4.5 million more young people [and] a third off their rail fairs”. The pledge wasn't for just the first 10,000.

People are not impressed.

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