Outrage as pro-Trump lawyer says there’ll be ‘violence on the streets’ unless election is overturned

Outrage as pro-Trump lawyer says there’ll be ‘violence on the streets’ unless election is overturned

Attorney and Trump supporter Lin Wood is facing backlash after he said that there will be “violence in the streets” unless the election is overturned.

In a video posted by Vox reporter Aaron Rupar, Wood pushes unfounded claims that the election results were fraudulent, while also threatening violence if these results aren’t overturned.

“We’re in a colour revolution in this country,” he said. “We had a disputed election. The playbook is now for violence in the streets. They planned it, it’s going to happen."

He continued: “People tell Trump, ‘President Trump, if you do this, there’s going to be street violence.’ There’s going to be street violence either way, as part of a colour revolution. They divided us, they tried to make us angry with each other so that we’ll end up fighting each other.”

As Rupar’s tweet was widely shared, people were outraged by Wood’s insinuation that there will be violence unless Trump gets his way, despite zero evidence of widespread election fraud.

Several have called on law enforcement to charge Wood for inciting violence.

Just a few days ago, Trump retweeted a post by Wood saying that Georgia governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger “will soon be going to jail”.

He has also tweeted several times calling on Trump supporters to “fight back”. Wood is just one of numerous prominent conservative figures who have shown their support for invoking martial law in seven states including Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona, which all flipped blue in this year’s presidential election.

In a move that no satire could make up, Wood also recently signed a Georgia lawsuit under “plenty of perjury”.

This is presumably a typo, we can only assume he meant to sign under penalty of perjury. It would be funny if this wasn’t the reality we’re living in.

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