Lionel Messi appears to have Noel Fielding’s face tattooed on his back
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Lionel Messi has a tattoo on his back and it looks remarkably similar to Noel Fielding, as pointed out by the man himself.

The Barcelona and Argentina forward, arguably the greatest footballer ever to have drawn breath, was filmed entering his team’s dressing room after victory on the weekend. Since the camera followed Messi from behind, the tattoo on his back was clearly visible for the bulk of his walk.

Fielding, erstwhile star of The Mighty Boosh, shared the footage with the tweet:

I always knew Messi would get a tattoo of me on his back one day x

Fielding’s fans were delighted by this even if it transpires that the tattoo was actually a far more conventional choice – Messi’s own mother.

Some fans had spotted Fielding's face in other unlikely locations.

Others referenced The Mighty Boosh.

One can only hope Sergio Aguero has a tattoo of his mum that looks like Russell Kane.

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