Liz Kershaw baffles TV hosts by saying job losses are 'great news' for Brexit

Liz Kershaw baffles TV hosts by saying job losses are 'great news' for Brexit

Liz Kershaw left Sky News hosts speechless, after she claimed that Phillips closing down in East Anglia and laying off 430 people is “great news” for Brexit.

The BBC Radio 6 Music DJ was responding to a news report that claimed the Dutch multinational is closing down its factory in Glemsford in Suffolk to transfer their operations to the Netherlands.

“So they are moving the production which is now in East Anglia to Holland… well I think this is great”, she said,

It’s terrible some jobs are being lost in East Anglia. However doesn’t it show faith by a multinational in a global market, Phillips, that they are confident they can manufacture these bottes in Holland and they will still easily [with frictionless trade] be able to import them to the UK.

When the Sky news presenters Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph pointed out that 430 people losing their jobs shouldn’t be seen as positive, and could be inensitive, Kershaw continued:

I’m just putting a spin on it.

I’m not saying that, I’m saying rather than saying ‘Ooh we’re leaving because Brexit is going to be bad'.

I’m just saying you can put your own spin on anything.

So you could say that if you’re a Remainer.

But if you believe in Brexit, you can say: ‘Isn’t it good news that that means Phillips believe they can still transport these bottle back into the UK'. I’m saying you can put any spin you want on it.

With awkward silence ensuing, Kershaw tried to end her argument by adding:

I am sorry for people losing their jobs.

I was simply using it as an illustration of whatever your belief is you can interpret something in a positive or negative manner.

I wish I never mentioned it.

While, “putting a positive spin” on negative things is usually encouraged, this example might not have been the best to use – some people on Twitter seemed to agree.

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