Lizzo posts 'breathtaking' picture of herself half-naked to make crucial point about US election

There's no doubt that Lizzo knows the power of clothes as a political statement.

Just weeks after celebrating the Billboard Music Awards in a black dress emblazoned with white letters saying "VOTE", the singer posted a striking photo on Instagram to mark the presidential election.

The post shows the singer wearing a jumpsuit emblazoned with the US flag – except she's only wearing half of it.

In a lengthy caption, Lizzo explained the kind of change she's hoping to see in America, and why she wants to encourage everyone to vote.

"When I think of this country I don’t think of its laws I think of its people," she wrote. "I think about how this country is owned by the oppressor and how the oppressed are locked in a valley of capitalism."

But she continued on a more positive note, saying: "I also think of the young people who refuse to be spoon fed mistruths. I think of the elders who bucked against hateful prejudices even when it felt impossible.... Because of you, I'm still hopeful."

She goes on to list some of the reasons she has to be optimistic, and again encouraging her followers to vote.

According to Insider, the look was designed by Rey Ortiz in collaboration with Lizzo's stylist, Marko Monroe. The jumpsuit is supposed to represent the 43 per cent of people who were eligible to vote but didn't in 2016.

Her post has almost 1.5 million likes on Instagram at the time of writing. On Twitter, it's been labelled "breathtaking" and "powerful".

For Halloween, Lizzo dressed up as the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head during the vice presidential debate.

We can't wait to see her holiday outfit...

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