Local paper on Ukip ad: It couldn't have been any worse

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Monday 22 December 2014 14:10

A local newspaper briefly caused consternation over the weekend when it published an advert from Ukip that called on people to "say no to the UK".

Ukip's local office said the message in the Rotherham Advertiser was the result of a printing error, and the paper has now confirmed to i100.co.uk that was the case, and not the result of a leftist infiltration.

Production created the logo and managed to alter the message to exactly the opposite of what Ukip wanted to say. It couldn’t have been any worse, really.

  • Andrew Mosley, editor of the Rotherham Advertiser

This was what Ukip's Rotherham branch had wanted to get across, and the below ad will now be reproduced in the paper and the fee refunded so it can be donated to charity.

"At least they took it well," added the paper's editor.

So there you are, a positive Ukip story, kind of.

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