The last photos 17 people took before lockdown are a beautiful reminder of what normal looks like

As we enter week God-knows-what (what even is time anymore?!) of lockdown, we're all feeling more nostalgic than ever.

And where better to find memories of normal times than on your camera roll?

It seems people are finding the whole experience pretty cathartic, and enjoying a trip down pre-Covid memory lane.

Pretty soon, the hashtag #lastnormalphoto started trending on Twitter, and hundreds of people added their own contributions.

Here are some of the most popular.

Emma from New Jersey, was picking out her prom dress

Sadly, her prom was cancelled, but they're planning a masquerade New Year's Eve party to make up for it, which sounds great.

Film student Olivia was on her way to her university library when she took this stunning picture

Susan shared a picture of groups of people swimming in Brighton beach on 9 March, just two weeks before lockdown began

PhD student Emma-Jayne looked like she was having the time of her life in a giant ball pit (how could you not?!)

Sue from Cambridgeshire was at a babyshower for her grandchild...

...he's now 18 days old and she has yet to meet him IRL, but at least they're able to Facetime.

Amanda was celebrating her 56th birthday... which looks normal enough until you notice a certain someone in the background

Milton from Newcastle was in the iconic Szechenyi Baths in Budapest and is making us all want a holiday

Dani, a doctor of African wild dogs, was hanging out with a meerkat... as you do

Activist Aaron shared a picture from when they were six years old, to make the important point that for many isolation is nothing new

Elizabeth from Michigan was at a Bernie Sanders rally... remember when the Democratic primary was still a thing? Yes, a lifetime ago

Rebecca from Sussex shared a very relatable family dinner that's making miss bickering with our mums over the roast potatoes

Journalist James Herbert shared a picture of his son receiving a medal for his special-needs soccer league’s season

YouTuber Vibi the Alien's last photo is anything but normal yet looks strangely delicious

Andre's "joke" was perhaps more funny-insightful than funny-ha-ha.

Thomas reminded us of one of the joys of public transport: adorable babies (when they're not screaming right next to us in rush hour, of course)

Daiya from Germany was out for cosplay and cocktails which sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the end of lockdown too

Finally, because lockdown is tough for our furry friends too, here's a picture of French bulldog Louie celebrating his birthday

What was your last normal photo?

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