Disgraced YouTuber Logan Paul joined another video streaming service and people are furious

The controversial Internet personality Logan Paul has joined the gaming streaming site Twitch.

Earlier this year, the YouTuber found himself at the centre of a storm of criticism after he uploaded a video of him appearing to laugh at a dead body found in a forest in Japan.

Paul achieved an incredible amount of fame through YouTube, building his following up to 17 million through his vlogs but the backlash against the aforementioned video severely damaged his reputation and prompted YouTube to demonetise his videos.

In his apparent effort to restore his credibility, Paul has now branched out into the world of gaming, despite never sharing any videos of him playing games before.

Judging by recent videos that he has uploaded to his YouTube profile, he seems interested in playing the online multiplayer game Fortnite, which is very popular right now.

When jumping on the Fortnite bandwagon the 22-year-old created a profile for himself on Twitch, the live video game streaming platform.

His profile LoganPaulWasTaken already has over 300,000 followers despite featuring no videos whatsoever.

There is a possible connection between the rapper Drake recently using Twitch and Logan Paul also joining - or he could just be looking for another platform to share content.

Yet despite not uploading anything to date, his presence on the site has not been overlooked by members of the gaming community who have taken to social media to voice their concern about him joining the website.

It's hard to imagine what sort of Twitch user Paul will become, but he was notorious for flirting with controversy on YouTube.

That being said, some people are willing to give him a chance on Twitch and have attempted to support him.


indy100 have contacted Twitch for comment.

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