The hottest parts of the London underground, mapped

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

If you live in London, you'll be aware by now that its hotter than Satan's steam room.

It's just a part of living in London. You step off the platform and onto a train, squarely into the noxious armpit of an impossibly sweaty tall man. The smell will not leave you till mid-afternoon.

But it's worth it for lying on the common after work in 28 degrees. That's what you tell yourself.

Leisha Chi, a BBC News foreign reporter, tweeted a handy map of the London Underground lines by average temperatures.

Last week Transport for London (TfL) released the average temperatures on each of the underground lines.

It made for startling reading for Bakerloo line commuters sufferers.

It seems best to stick to the fringes of the capital, then.

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