This thread on the surge of violence in London is the most important thing you’ll read today

This week London has seen a wave of violence engulf the capital, most of which involved the tragic deaths of young people.

More than 50 killings have now taken place in London this year raising it to the highest level of fatalities in England and Wales since 2010/11.

On Monday night 17-year-old Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Tottenham, north London. Members of a local gang have since claimed responsibility for the murder.

Neighbours and friends have since described Tanesha as "a good girl" and "lovely" member of the community.

In a tribute to her friend and fellow community member Seema Chandwani, the Labour Party secretary for Tottenham, explained how she first met Tenesha and what a valuable member of the constituency she was.

Seema highlighted the work that Tanesha had done for the community, but also asked politicians and commentators to listen to young people and local residents who are being affected by the violence in London.

Read the full thread below.

The thread has since gone viral and many people have replied, thanking Seema for her words and agreeing that speaking to the people affected is the best way to address these problems.

On the same evening as Tanesha's death, 16-year-old Amaan Shakoor was shot and killed in Walthamstow. Police have stated that they are not linking the two killings but are keeping an open mind.

Detective Inspector Beverley Kofi of the Met's homicide and crime command said in a statement:

We are appealing to anybody who witnessed the incident and has not yet come forward, or who in the hours since this shocking murder are privy to information that could help us find those responsible.

You may be fearful of repercussions of speaking to police, or have loyalties that you believe can’t be compromised.

We are dealing with the fatal shooting of a teenage girl, and would implore you to do the right thing and come forward.

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