Londoners want a day every month where cars are banned in the city

A new survey has shown that the majority of Londoners would support a monthly day during which cars were banned from the city centre.

As Norway's capital Oslo unveiled plans to ban cars by 2020, a survey of 1,258 Londoners by YouGov showed that 63 per cent said they would support this policy as a one-off, and 58 per cent said they support it for one day every month.

The age group that supported a monthly car-free day in the city centre the most were 25-34 year olds (65 per cent), whereas 18-24 year olds supported the proposition the least (47 per cent).

The public supported a car-free day for the whole city less so than for just the central areas.

Only 47 per cent supported a one-off day across the whole of the capital, compared to 40 per cent opposed, and only 43 per cent supported the suggestion once a month, compared to 44 per cent opposed.

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