The first poll of the London mayoral election is basically a tie

The first poll of the London mayoral race proper is in, and Sadiq Khan is neck and neck with Zac Goldsmith.

The Labour MP for Tooting and Conservative MP for Richmond Park are almost impossible to pick apart in a YouGov survey of 1,178 Londoners for the Evening Standard.

The poll has a margin of error of three points meaning they're basically split on most of the questions.

When asked who would make the best mayor, Londoners can't choose between the two...

...and the candidates are almost inseparably tied over a whole host of other characteristics:

Whether they are likeable:

Whether they would be good in a crisis:

Whether they are up to the job:

The only question on which they can really be split, in the eyes of the public at large, is on whether they are in touch with ordinary people.

Khan leads this criteria, with 41 per cent saying he is in touch, compared to only 18 for Goldsmith.

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