This ‘disappointed’ Trump supporter tried to attend an anti-Biden protest but he was the only person there

This ‘disappointed’ Trump supporter tried to attend an anti-Biden protest but he was the only person there

One supporter of former President Donald Trump was left very disappointed on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day when he was the only protestor to be found.

Following the deadly Capitol insurrection a few weeks ago, law enforcement braced for the possibility of other right-wing violence as Biden was set to take office. While officials warned Trump loyalists were planning more armed protests in all 50 states, ultimately no dramatic rallies ever materialised.

A few very sparse pro-Trump demonstrations happened around the country – one drawing just a single participant.

A photograph of New York resident and Biden-objector Mark Leggiero went viral on Wednesday, after he was captured as a lone protestor by Spectrum News reporter Morgan Mckay .

Leggiero said he drove 45 minutes to New York’s capital, Albany, with the intention of joining a peaceful protest with "a few thousand" other Trump supporters.

"I was coming out to hopefully join a bunch of peaceful protesters in support of the cause, that’s is almost a lost cause now, unfortunately, I’m sad for me to say that," Leggiero told the Daily Gazette.

"I'm still gonna be a believer, a firm believer, and I'm still gonna back Mr. Trump 100 percent. He's always gonna be my president... He made a difference in my life... He gave me spirit he gave me pride, he wanted me to live free," he said.

The photo – which currently has more than 100 thousands likes on Twitter – shows Leggiero standing in front of the New York State Capitol, alone, waving a Trump flag.

Some people commented that they supported his right to peacefully protest, while others felt pity: “These people have been lied to for years and honestly on some level it’s heartbreaking,” one person wrote.

Others were less sympathetic and mocked the Trump supporter saying, “Welcome to reality”.

At least Trump supporters are finally getting one thing right: As Jeffrey Wright wrote, “Social distancing at at Trump gathering. Finally. They get it.”

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