The Conservative Party has been ridiculed for putting a member of the House of Lords in charge of the UK’s future relationship with the European Union.

Former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost was appointed as Cabinet Office minister on Wednesday, replacing Michael Gove at key committee and council meetings on the UK and EU’s agreements.

Announcing the news on Twitter, Lord Frost said: “I am hugely honoured to have been appointed Minister to take forward our relationship with the EU after Brexit.

“In doing so I stand on the shoulders of giants and particularly those of [Michael Gove] who did an extraordinary job for this country in talks with [the] EU over the past year.”

People were quick to mock the appointment of the ‘unelected bureaucrat’, referencing an argument made by Brexiteers in 2016’s divisive referendum.

Emily Thornberry, shadow international trade secretary, tweeted: “So we’ve finally got one Minister taking a grip of the problems with our post-Brexit trading relations with Europe. 

“Someone who has never been elected by anyone in this country, and won’t be accountable in the House of Commons to any of us who have.

“Well there we are,” she wrote.

The move was described as “beyond parody” by some, and parody accounts themselves soon joined in, too:

Others criticised Frost’s comments around standing “on the shoulders of giants”, reminding him of his role in securing the UK-EU deal:

Frost will join cabinet meetings and start his new role next month.

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