'Love' has killed more people than terrorism in India, according to statistics

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 02 April 2017 16:00
Picture:(NICHOLAS BRADLEY/AFP/Getty Images)

Figures kept by India's police have shown that more people have been victims of 'Love' than terrorism.

'Love' is a reason for murder and culpable homicide that is recorded by India police.

According to statistics published in the Times of India, between 2001 and 2015, it was the official reason for 38,585 homicides.

In comparison, terrorism was the official cause of death for 20,000 people, including civilians and security forces.

Furthermore, the government links 'Love' as a cause of 79,189 suicides.

260,000 kidnappings cited 'Marriage' as a reason for the crime.

Uma Chakravarti, a retired professor with a specialism in gender told the Times of India:

To understand this violence in oppressing a person's exercise of choice when it comes to marriage, one has to understand patriarchy and caste system.

HT Times of India

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