<p>Select Lululemon stores are accepting customer’s like new leggings in exchange for a gift card</p>

Select Lululemon stores are accepting customer’s like new leggings in exchange for a gift card

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Fans of upscale yoga brandLululemon will be able to take worn leggings and sports bras back for gift cards after they launch their resale programme.

The shop is known for its pricey leggings, retailing at £88 ($98), and announced it intends to test their new programme, named Lululemon Like New in shops in California and Texas.

At the moment, they plan on starting it in May, customers will be able to trade “like new” merchandise - either in the shop or via post - for gift cards worth between $5 to $25, depending on the piece of clothing.

According to a statement, the returned items will be ‘cleaned using state-of-the-art technology and then be sold to other customers at a discounted price in June. This is in all a part of an effort to increase the sustainability of the brand.

CEO of the activewear brand Calvin McDonald said in a statement that they were intending to make all their products via sustainable materials by 2030.

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In the scheme, any items that do not meet their resale standards will be recycled. They have partnered up with Trove, who have done similar schemes with brands like Patagonia and Levis.

The resale market is worth up to $30 billion in the US and is expected to grow with the rise of ethical and sustainable purchasing. Generation Z is spending more on used clothing than any previous cohort.

On resale sites like Poshmark and Thredup Lululemon items are incredibly popular so it seems they cashing in on their own success.

They are not the first athletic brand to offer a service like this. Iconic sportswear brand Nike introduced a similar scheme.

The coronavirus pandemic has also been a catalyst for the uptick in reselling clothes as the time at home has meant lots of opportunity to clean your closet.

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