Woman calls police on influencer – only for it to completely backfire on her

Woman calls police on influencer – only for it to completely backfire on her

A woman who called the police of an influencer who was doing a photoshoot on private property ended up red-faced after the police officer who turned up was a fan.

tooturnttony, who has more than seven million followers on TikTok, shared a video on Tuesday, where he was taking part in a photoshoot next to a lake, which also included a sports car, a duck and several women wearing nothing but bikinis and ski masks (make of that what you will...).

During the clip, an irate woman turns up and is heard yelling at the group. The woman, who is referred to as a ‘Karen’, calls the police and provokes them into recording her, telling them that she “loves being on social media” and that she “wants to go viral.”

She did succeed in her wish as the TikTok has already been viewed more than 24 million times – but not for the reason she would have hoped.

Her attempt to get the photoshoot shut down soon backfired when a police officer from Livingston County, Michigan turned up on the scene.

As it turns out, Livingston recognised tooturnttony and his crew as his son is apparently “totally into you guys.”

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The police officer, obviously trying to score some points with his kid, then asks if he can have a few photos with tooturnttony who duly obliges.

All’s well that ends well then, except for the woman, who was presumably fuming at what transpired.

That being said, the video has received a mixed reaction on TikTok. Although some were amused by what the police officer did others felt that it was just another example of white privilege. Some also pointed out that, if the influencers were breaking the law, then they should have been charged.

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