A giant lump of mucus has become a US sex symbol

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Mucinex's villainous mascot Mr Mucus has taken on a new role in the US – as a sex symbol.

Many know that the grim-looking spokesblob for the cough, flu and sinus medication is not glamourous – he represents all things that are gross symptoms of respiratory ailments while advertising the medicine that promises to demolish him.

The Mucinex medicine itself has a social media following on Twitter and a US Instagram page.

However, Mr Mucus himself has got his own thing going on.

The Instagram account @mrmucusofficial doesn't show the animated green mucus blob seen in advertisements.

Instead, the character, who has a grimace and blank stare, is being portrayed by someone in costume - and people are swooning.

In one video shared to the account, the anthropomorphised character can be seen doing exercises, dancing, and more as part of his "New Year's Resolutions."

"Is there a Mrs Mucus?" one person questioned.

Another added: "I can help you stretch Mr Mucus ;)."

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In a fellow video shared to the @mrmucusofficial account, the mucus blob can be seen standing by a campfire doing a little dance.

And once again, people couldn't help but point out how "hot" the character is.

"That fire isn't as hot as the thought of having you with me Mr Mucus," someone wrote.

Another admirer offered Mr Mucus marriage and added: "I am getting down on one knee, ring in hand, hoping to take your hand in holy matrimony.

Reckitt Benckiser, which is the UK consumer goods company that makes Mucinex, hasn't spoken out about why customers' newfound appreciation and love for Mr Mucus is present or if this was a thing for a while.

Still, some research reported by DailyMail, has shown that becoming ill can interestingly spark your libido, with orgasms helping to jumpstart the immune system. It can even help to relieve sinus congestion.

Could that have something to do with the affinity for Mr Mucus? We may never know.

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