LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz axed following backlash to controversial Covid tweets

<p>Maajid Nawaz will no longer present his LBC show ‘with immediate effect’, the station has said</p>

Maajid Nawaz will no longer present his LBC show ‘with immediate effect’, the station has said

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Maajid Nawaz, the presenter who has faced criticism for his views on coronavirus and vaccinations, has been axed from LBC with “immediate effect”, the radio station has announced.

Mr Nawaz, who joined LBC in September 2016, previously took to Twitter expressing concerns around the potential for “crimes against humanity” around Covid vaccinations, adding he has had “no choice but to become a conscientious objector in solidarity with the unvaccinated”.

“I will NOT be getting any BOOSTERS,” he said.

The comments were slammed by fellow LBC presenter Iain Dale, who branded Mr Nawaz’s remarks as “irresponsible and dangerous propaganda”.

He tweeted: “In 11 years on LBC I have never publicly called out a fellow presenter. But I can’t stand by while this sort of irresponsible and dangerous propaganda is spread by someone who ought to know better.

“Shame on you, Maajid. Shame. On. You.

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“Boosters save lives. Scientific fact.”

On Thursday, Mr Nawaz – founder of the counter-extremism think tank Quilliam - claimed the public were witnessing “a global palace coup” around coronavirus restrictions.

“[One] that suspends our rights – under the guise of an emergency that has been proven to be manipulated - by a network of fascists who seek a New World Order governed by technocratic corporatism,” he wrote.

A day later, LBC announced on Twitter that Mr Nawaz would no longer present a show at the station.

“Maajid Nawaz’s contract with LBC is up very shortly and following discussions with him, Maajid will no longer present a show on LBC with immediate effect.

“We thank Maajid for the contribution he has made to LBC and wish him well,” they said.

Responding to the news of his sacking, Mr Nawaz said he refuses to “go quietly into the night”, urging his followers to subscribe to his paid newsletter on the website Substack.

“I have a wife and child to support and my show was our family’s only source of income,” he added.

He also went on to claim he had been scheduled to appear on the station on Saturday as part of his weekend afternoons slot and he did not quit his job, with his contract reportedly expiring in April.

“Make of that what you will,” he said.

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