Macron and Trudeau laughing at Trump behind his back is the 2019 Mean Girls remake we deserve

Louis Staples
Wednesday 04 December 2019 09:30

We’ve all been there.

That moment, so toe-curling in its awkwardness, when you’re having a laugh at someone else’s expense and you realise that they can hear you.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and French president Emmanuelle Macron might be feeling ever so slightly red-faced this morning after footage has emerged of the pair laughing about President Trump behind his back.

The footage was taken at the Nato reception hosted by the Queen at Buckingham palace. Standing in a group with Boris Johnson and Princess Anne, the pair can be seen joking about Trump’s bizarre press conference that he gave upon arrival to the UK.

Trudeau is seen telling the group about how his staff’s jaws “dropped to the floor”, presumably when they watched the conference, which was over 40 minutes long and saw Trump chaotically swerve between topics at a remarkable speed.

People always wonder whether teachers gossip about their students in the staff room. But now, following this footage, we're obsessed with imagining all the things that world leaders say behind each other's backs.

Naturally, the clip has caused quite the stir online.

Someone even compared the footage to 2004 teen flick Mean Girls.

"On Wednesdays we mock Trump".

Trump is yet to respond to the footage, but given his love for Twitter we're sure it won't be long before be does.

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