An artist is building a MAGA wall with a twist – it’s made of cheese.

Cosimo Cavallaro has decided to help Donald Trump build his widely-slated border wall between the United States and Mexico with Cotija cheese, named after the Mexican town it originates from.

The cheese wall began with 200 blocks of cheese steeped to 25 feet, however people’s donations have extended it to 1,000 feet.

The cheese wall is just 45 feet from the border fence with Tecate, Mexico, and aims to "make America grate Again", a play on Trump's infamous slogan.

Made from expired milk, the blocks of cheese are used, the artist said, to make an important statement about the “political environment we are living in today".

Cavallaro believes all people – no matter what side of the border they’re on, are the same and have, at some point, felt like outsiders.

He created a video about the process, in which he said: "When art becomes reality for me is that special moment where I can’t take it away.

When you cover a room with cheese, or ketchup or food, you can’t rip that off anymore. That experience is so visceral…it lives in your mind.

This wall is a documentation of our times. This is a moment where we are talking about an issue. About walls.

I hope that this wall becomes that resonance of that.

The artist, who considers himself an immigrant, told Art Net that this perishable wall was one that he could live with. “This is a wall that I’m willing to live with. Because this wall is a perishable—it will not last.”

So far, Cavallaro has made 200 blocks of Cotija, but he plans to build a 1,000-foot wall along a quarter mile of land he’s leased for the year. That will require a whopping 9,000 blocks of expired cheese.

Cavallaro is raising money for the project through GoFundMe, where he’s already received $2,625 (£2,011) of $300,000 (£229,849) goal.

You can follow the project on the Art Above Ground Facebook page.

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