MAGA fan accused of murdering wife then casting her vote for Trump
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An American man has been accused of murdering his wife then voting for Donald Trump on her behalf.

Barry Morphew from Colorado was arrested over the murder of Suzanne Morphew – who disappeared a year ago – two weeks ago. Now, court records show he faces further charges for apparently posting a vote for the former US President on her behalf in the November election.

Lori Mitchell, an election official, apparently received the mail-in ballot with Barry Morphew’s witness signature on it, but without Suzanne Morphew’s own signature as required by law. On recognising the name, she submitted it as evidence to the sheriff’s office.

“I felt I should contact the sheriff when I saw the name,” Mitchell told 9News in Denver. “It was stunning to see that ballot in our batches.”

According to the Post, Barry Morphew told FBI agents who interviewed him last month that he cast the ballot because “all these other guys are cheating,” referring to the voter fraud allegations Trump made throughout the campaign.

He said he did it “just because I wanted Trump to win” and claimed his wife would have backed Trump were she alive to do so, the report says .

“I just thought, give him another vote,” he allegedly said to his interviewers.

Suzanne was reported missing by a neighbor after vanishing from her home on Mother’s Day last year.

Her bike was found abandoned less than a mile away from the couple’s home after she supposedly went for a bike ride alone.

Barry Morphew has denied being involved in her disappearance and has repeatedly offered a financial reward for information on Suzanne Morphew’s whereabouts.

Police have not recovered a body, but they no longer believe she is alive.

Barry Morphew now faces the charges of first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and attempting to influence a public servant. He is also facing a felony count of forgery and a misdemeanor count of offenses related to mail ballots.

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