One man's campaign to 'Make Trump Furious' could overturn a seat held by Republicans for 43 years

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On 18 April , the first congressional election of Donald Trump's Presidency will take place in Georgia, a state that hasn't voted Democrat in 25 years, in a seat that hasn't voted Democrat in 43 years.

This election might change all that.

A grassroots campaign with the slogan "Make Trump Furious" has positioned 30-year-old Democrat and political newcomer in the running to take the Sixth Congress seat for Georgia, which was vacated by Tom Price when he took a seat in Trump's White House as Secretary of Health and Human Service.

Jon Ossoff, a Georgia native has raised an incredible £8.3 million (£6.7 million) - more than five times the average normally raised in winning seats.

To put it in perspective, Democrats in Georgia usually only raise $10,000 (£8,000) for congressional campaigns.

Speaking to Vox, Phil Lunney the legislative liaison for the Fulton County Democrats said:

Normally, a Democrat running for Price’s seat would be lucky to raise $10,000 to $20,000.

There’s been nothing like it here, at least in the 21st century.

The huge campaign contributions has put Ossoff - who's raised his money primarily from donations of less than $25 - well ahead of his 17 rivals in polls.

His best chance to win will come on 18 April, in a so-called "jungle primary". A vote that features all 18 candidates from both parties on the same ballot.

If no one reaches 50 per cent, a vote between the top two candidates will happen in June.

Republicans are confident they could win on a one-on-one scenario, but not in the run-off. Speaking to Reuters,Georgia-based Republican strategist Joel McElhannon said

There is a chance Ossoff can win without a runoff, but that's his only chance.

He's benefiting from unified Democratic support and Republicans being highly divided.

The seat hasn't voted Democrat since 1974 and has been held by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

The election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District is the first chance the Democrats will have to chip away at the Republican majority in the house - one of 24 they need to flip to take back control.

In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney held a 24-point margin over Obama in the district, in 2016 Trump also won - but only by one point.

Over 60 thousand people have already voted in the election - with record high turnout - and over $3 million has been raised for the campaign.

As well as his "Make Trump Furious" slogan, the changing demographic in the district could be to thank for the rise in the success of the Democrats.

Since 2000, the district has dropped from around four in five people being white to less than two in three.

The black share of the population has grown from 10 per cent to 13, the Hispanic share has doubled to 12.5 percent and Asian representation doubled to more than 10 percent.

Around one in five residents are foreign born – twice the average of the rest of Georgia.

In an interview, Ossoff said

The grassroots intensity here is electric, and it’s because folks are concerned that what is happening in Washington doesn’t represent our values. This is a chance for this community to stand up and make a statement about what we believe

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