Man launches sexist tirade towards staff in bagel store gets tackled by customer

A man who went on a bizarre rant about women not wanting to date him in a bagel shop has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The video emerged of the man – who appears to be insecure about his height – lashing out at female customers and staff, shouting: “Why is it OK for women to say ‘you’re 5ft’ on dating sites?”

A woman responds calmly that nobody there said anything of the sort, but he continues: “Women in general have said it on dating sites! You think I’m making that s*** up? Everywhere I go I get the same f***ing smirk!”

He then turns to a male customer who asks him to calm down saying: “Shut your mouth, you’re not god or my father or my boss!” The man remarkably keeps his cool while the increasingly aggressive smaller man tries to goad him into a fight.

Eventually, a third man appears to have had enough, and proceeds to tackle the shouty dating-site-obsessed chap to the ground, while a woman utters the most relatable line: "Oh my god, I just wanted bagels."

This all went down in a Long Island branch of Bagel Boss, and the video was tweeted by a user named Olivia Bradley yesterday. It had since received more than 40,000 retweets, and even Chrissy Teigen is tweeting about it.

Another user, Mike LiVorio, then tweeted a video of happened next, as the angry man stormed out of the bagel shop after screaming expletives at the staff.

People were quick to point out that the man's temper may have more to do with his inability to get a date than his height.

While others argued about whether we should be concerned for his mental health.

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