YouTuber livestreams himself catcalling 15-year-old girl and her comedian father steps up

The trouble with YouTube pranksters is that for every genuinely funny one, there’s another ten who simply resort to being generally insufferable in their pursuit of fame.

Enter King Aladdin, who caused a stir recently as he livestreamed himself catcalling a 15-year-old girl as she walked down a Los Angeles street with her father. In the video he can be heard saying:

Come here, come here, come here. Come here little blondie, little Taylor Swift looking ass b****.

When the young girl’s father responds that she’s only 15, the YouTuber responds in a voice close to parody: "Why’s she out this late, bro? This is Hollywood, bro."

The girl’s father, comedian Skyler Stone, patiently replies: “Because we just went on a father-daughter date and had dinner.”

The YouTuber unleashes a stream of apologies that gradually become more sincere as Mr Stone approaches and quickly silences him, saying:

If I were you I would just shut the f*** up.

Stop catcalling after women. Grow the f*** up.

The internet reacted in kind, as did Skyler Stone.

Many were quick to praise the comedian's measured response.

King Aladdin later uploaded a four-minute apology video. He offers to mow the comedian's lawn, and directs the whole apology at him rather than his daughter.

Here's a shorter version:

He also said that he'd be taking a break from livestreaming to reflect on what he did.

However his YouTube channel shows three uploads in the days since.

indy100 has approached King Aladdin for comment.

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