Moment man uses bike to shatter anti-mask protester’s car window as he spouts Covid lies using megaphone

<p>The car window is shattered by the bike </p>

The car window is shattered by the bike


This is the moment a bystander used a bicycle to shatter the an anti-mask protester’s car window as he spread false claims about coronavirus with a megaphone.

The incident took place while anti-mask demonstrators held a car rally in Vancouver, Canada, on Saturday last week.

The video shows a passenger, identified by CTV News as Alex Lasarev, using the loud speaker from the window of a moving car to describe Covid – which has killed more than 2.8m people worldwide – as a “psychological operation”. He hits out at people for following Covid rules and, among other baseless claims, calls on people to “wake up”.

Midway through his rant, a man approaches the car and attempts to hit the megaphone out of Lasarev’s hands, while telling him to “shut the f*** up”. When he doesn’t manage to knock it, he picks up a bicycle and smashes it against the side of the vehicle.

After a sweary exchange, Lasarev drives away and briefly closes the window, calling the man “insane”. But, seconds later, the man returns again and starts smacking the vehicle with the bike for a second time. After a few bouts, the man launches the bicycle against the passenger window and it shatters.

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Undeterred, Lasarev says: “You’ve been psy-op’d, brother, you’ve been psy-op’d. That’s what a psychological operation is.” He then continues driving along the road, spouting his anti-Covid message.

In the last moments of Lasarev’s rant, he says he’s exposing “truth” that “the same number of people died this year, and last year, and last year” – which is categorically untrue. More than 22,000 people have died with Covid-19 in Canada.

You can watch the video HERE. WARNING: The clip contains language and scenes that some people may find offensive

Victoria News said police arrested the cyclist.

“Around 3:30 p.m. on March 27 a convoy of vehicles was taking part in an anti-mask rally on Main Street. A passenger in one of the vehicles was talking into a bullhorn and pointing it out the window,” a statement said.

“Witnesses to the incident detained the cyclist until Vancouver police arrived and took custody of him.”

Police are now recommending charges of mischief and assault with a weapon against a 52-year-old Vancouver man.

He is scheduled to make his first court appearance on May 12.

In February, Lasarev recorded another video which showed him yelling at employees of a Vancouver shop after they refused to serve him because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

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