A man bought his girlfriend an aloe leaf instead of flowers - and it's genius

Twitter/ Screengrab

21-year-old Tyler Brooks has been with his girlfriend Kai Hawkins for four years.

Rather than get his beloved a tried and tested bunch of flowers he tried something different instead.

Knowing that Kai was into skin and hair care he purchased her a huge aloe vera leaf so that she could grow her own plant.

Tyler tweeted a picture of his unique and creative gift and it soon went viral.

At first, people were very confused.

But once others began explaining what it was the internet couldn't get enough of his gift.

It's possible that he has now set expectations for other men way too high.

It also sparked an informative thread on how to actually grow aloe vera plants.

Sensing an opportunity Tyler even took the chance to promote his work as a DJ. This man truly is a canny operator.

As to whether Kai actually appreciated the leaf, Tyler told Buzzfeed:

She was so excited that she dropped a tear.

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