Man destroyed in Facebook group for wanting to ask girlfriend to lose weight


An anonymous man has been strongly criticised on Facebook for wanting his girlfriend to lose weight.

Last Thursday a vague post in the popular Facebook group Humans of New York saw a man agonise about asking his girlfriend a sensitive question concerning her weight.

He explained that he and his other half have been together for a year-and-a-half and everything is great, apart from that one issue.

The couple have booked an upcoming therapy session but he still doesn't know how to address the problem which is bothering him so greatly.

Read his full post below:

The message was roundly criticised on the group.

In the comments, most people were severely critical of the man's approach to the subject and his outlook towards his partner.

Others were slightly more supportive of his concerns.

Other people were happy to just criticise those cargo pants.

On the subject of discussing weight and body image, New York based couples therapist Christina Eller told New York Post:

The ramifications . . . can be endless.

It could result in the partner on the receiving end developing a serious complex about his or her appearance, developing low self-esteem or, worse, give rise to eating disorder.

This person seems to be asking out of pure selfishness.

If you’re not attracted to [someone], then don’t waste your time, or theirs — there’s a shoe for every foot, especially in New York City.

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