A man ate soup directly from a supermarket hot food bar and people think it's disgusting


Whenever you go to one of those big, posh supermarkets which charge you £1.50 for a packet of crisps, there is always something enticing about the hot food bar.

There's plenty to choose from and it's often better value for money than an overpriced sandwich.

There is always the risk that the food has been sitting there for hours and has been exposed to goodness-knows-what, but it seems worth the risk.

Well, footage from a supermarket in Chicago is bound to put you off ever purchasing anything from these bars again, especially soup.

An unidentified man has been recorded in a branch of Mariano's taking a sip of soup from a ladle, that everyone else has to use.

The footage was originally shared on Reddit where it has been viewed more than 1 million times.

The video has since been shared on Twitter where it has gone viral and it's safe to say that people are pretty grossed out.

Although many people were grossed out about the man's lack of 'hot food bar etiquette', the original uploader did state that they reported the man to security afterwards.

Twitter users were still very upset about what they saw and the fact that no one tried to stop him.

Others felt that this was inevitable if you choose to eat from such a service.

Of course, there were a few jokes while others didn't see what the big deal was.

We think we are leaning on the side of this being a bit gross and we can only think of one man who can solve this situation...

HT New York Post

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