Angry man tries to mansplain labias to female writer. Yes, really

Louis Staples
Friday 29 March 2019 16:15
Image:(Fashion Nova / Twitter)

The manplainers of the internet rarely fail to do things so irritating the whole world marvels at their idiocy.

This week, the prize for biggest mansplainer moron goes to the man who decided to explain the labia to a woman who mocked an outfit.

Jezebel writer Ashley Reese decided to mock a red bodysuit, which she suggested would only cover “15 per cent” of her labia. She jokingly wrote that wearing the garment could result in a trip to the gynaecologist.

Though one man wasn’t happy about it at all.

In a comment post highlighted on Twitter by Emily Pratt, the man fired back at the insinuation that the bodysuit wasn’t labia-friendly.

It’s fair to say he was riled. Very riled.

Given the obvious ridiculousness of the situation, people on social media mocked the man mercilessly. And quite right too.

H/T: The Poke

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