A man was banned from going to a football stadium. So he hired a crane to watch a match

@fehmimetin20/Twitter screengrab

Sometimes, you’ve just got to watch your team play, you know?

A Turkish football fan who had been banned from his team’s stadium hired a crane to watch the match.

Yes, that’s right. A crane.

It is not known why Ali Demirkaya had a one year ban that prevented him from entering the Denizli Atatürk Stadium, but he went around it by paying for a crane.

He told Turkish newspaper Yeni Asir:

That match was very important for our team [Denizlispor]. I had to go to the police station to sign a paper to show that I am not watching the match in the stadium. Then I quickly went to rent the crane.

I paid 354 liras (€70) for the rent. I started watching from the 75th minute but police officers didn't allow me to watch until the end.

In the end, his team, Denizlispor, won the match against Gaziantepspor 5-0.

So that’s something.

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