Man jailed for having sex with pony after 'bag of carrots' found in his car

A married dad from Bradford has been jailed for having sex with a pony.

Bradford Crown Court heard the disturbing story after local horse owners became increasingly concerned after finding random, unexplained items such as bags of carrots, a torch and a shop receipt in parts of the land.

In September 2018, a pony was found with electrical tape and an elasticated bandage attached to its tail, along with sugar lumps. When the forensics examined the animal, the sample revealed a match to 52-year-old Abdul Ghani.

Ghani has been banned from entering any stable containing horses, ponies or donkeys in England and Wales.

He was also jailed for ten months after his DNA was discovered inside the pony, reports Examiner Live.

Prosecutor Michael Collins revealed that a car linked to the Bradford dad was seen parked nearby, along with the discovery of baby oil and a bag of carrots.

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Following Ghani's arrest, his phone records revealed almost a thousand web searches relating to sex with animals. He was due to stand trial in June for having intercourse with an animal, but on the day, he pleaded guilty to the offence.

Ghani claimed that he "loved the wild" in his initial interview and that he had been nature watching in the area, feeding the horses carrots, biscuits and apples.

Later, he was asked about the DNA findings and phone records, but he did not comment.

Barrister Jonathan Turner, for Ghani, said his client felt an overwhelming sense of shame and embarrassment for what he had done and had lived a law-abiding life since the offence was committed nearly four years ago.

Tuner said drug and alcohol abuse led his client to the behaviour.

Judge Andrew Hatton said there was clear evidence that the man had been visiting the area to make the animals feel less wary around him.

He added that it was a "well planned deliberate descent into bestiality", which holds a maximum sentence of two years.

Judge Hatton said that Ghani’s sentence would have been 12 months after a trial, but it would be reduced to 10 months because of his guilty plea.

"I’m satisfied that appropriate punishment can only be achieved by immediate custody," he told Ghani. "Owners of horses and ponies are entitled to know that their animals are safe from people like you."

Ghani was also served a driving ban for 29 months and must register as a sex offender for the next ten years, along with a £110 compensation for the vet's bill.

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