Man who lost a bet with the police tries to appease them in the most stereotypical way

Redford Township Police Department/ Facebook

Champagne Torino a.k.a Michael Zaydel is a man well known to the Redford Township Police Department in Michigan.

The felon was wanted for a string of outstanding warrants in the area but he was yet to hand himself in to the authorities.

He's also a massive Internet troll.

Zaydel had made several thinly veiled threats to the police department via their Facebook page.

After telling the police...

You guys suck!

...they registered him with a warning and told him he would be blocked if it continued.

This prompted him to directly message the department with an offer. If their next post gets at least 1,000 shares then he will hand himself along with a dozen doughnuts and offer to pick up all the litter in public schools.

Even though it's a little cliched to think of American police scoffing on doughnuts all day the Redford police accepted his challenge and the Internet obliged, sharing it over 4,000 times.

By this point Zaydel was probably feeling a little foolish. Has he never heard of anything going viral?

Yet credit where credit is due as he soon handed himself over to the cops, showing up at their station at 6:30 pm on Tuesday.

The question you all want to know is "did he bring the doughnuts?" You better believe it (he also brought a bagel for some reason too)!

Even though he did stick to his word it remains to be seen whether the courts will view Zaydel in as favourable a light.

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