A man told women they could have either equality or chivalry, they went with equality

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A man who suggested that women could have either chivalry or equality – but not both – was duly dragged on Twitter.

@Rich_Cooper wrote:

Dear feminists. You either get equality or chivalry. You can’t have both.’

Right, well, given that one is a human right and the other an antiquated concept, it went down like a lead balloon.

One person wrote: "Chivalry is a mediaeval concept of men dressing to impress other men. It has little to do with equality. Some men were on top, other men were beneath them. Historically, women were rarely invited into the process."

Another added: "What people care about is caring, empathetic, considerate, thoughtful people, NOT whether THEIR door is held for them or THEIR meal is paid for them. Are there gender stereotypes in het dating? Sure. But that’s separate from being a warm, giving, caring, grounded person."

Others were more explicit.

It's a false dichotomy.

Can you not...

Also, equality. We pick equality every time.

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