Man who's visited every country on Earth shares which one is 'the best'

Man who's visited every country on Earth shares which one is 'the best'
Woman travelling on world cruise shows off cabin she will call home …

A man who has visited every country in the world has opened up about the best place he’s ever been that has “everything you could want”.

For a lot of people, travel is one of the most fun and eye-opening parts of life. From advice on securing the best seats on a plane to viral packing hacks, it seems there is no end to the amount of tips and tricks for when it comes to seeing the world.

One crucial part of planning a trip is the location. And, there is possibly no one better placed to ask than Drew Binsky from Arizona in the United States, who has seen it all after visiting every country on the planet.

Binsky has literally been all round the world and has opened up about some of the more trying times on his travels, including having visa issues in Venezuela because of political tensions between the country and America.

He explained to UNILAD: “I ended up getting the visa from the Venezuelan embassy but they were difficult because of the sanctions and political tensions between the US and Venezuela, but I was able to get one last minute.”

The content creator explained that he enjoys seeing indigenous tribes who are less Westernised and reliant on technology.

“I really like visiting indigenous tribes, because it shows a different side of the world is not so consumed in technology and electronics,” he explained.

The 33-year-old added: “It’s humbling to meet people and see how they’re living in faraway places; I plan to keep visiting them [indigenous tribes] mostly in Africa, but also in South America and India.”

Asked what his favourite country in the world is, Binsky was clear in his choice. He explained: “I would say the Philippines. I think it’s the most beautiful country in the world, super safe and full of nice people. It’s like everything you could want in one country.”

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