Meet the world's prettiest dog

Meet the world's prettiest dog
Facebook/Luke Kavanagh

An Afghan Hound is earning plaudits for her outstandingly glossy hair.

Tea the 'supermodel' dog became a hit on social media overnight after her owner, Luke Kavanagh, posted a picture of her on Facebook.

Tea is a decorated showdog and has won plenty of prizes, but it was only when her picture went viral that she found world-wide recognition.

Mr Kavanagh told NewsLocal: "Even our weekend walks draw a crowd. She pretends she doens't need the attention, but she definitely loves it, just like any supermodel."

I guess people were mostly drawn to [the photo] because of her silky coat coupled with that dignified look that Tea has, but that's just her being her.

Thanks to her new-found fame, Tea has already landed a doggy modelling deal for dog food, and another for shampoo [dog shampoo, although Loreal totally needs to get in touch].

Sadly Tea is going into retirement because the process of showing her - including grooming and the preparation needed for a show day - was distracting Mr Kavanagh from family life.

"I have such a special bond with Tea and we have shared a lifetime of wonderful moments together," he said.

"On show day she exemplifies Afghan hound: she is dignified, aloof and most certainly displays a keen fierceness. At home she is such a character and really loving her retirement."

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