Russia is conducting nuclear war survival drills

Hani Richter
Wednesday 26 October 2016 10:15
Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes to restore some of the powers of the old KGB under a new guise(REUTERS)

Russia is making its citizens in Moscow carry out nuclear bomb survival drills.

Around 40 million civilians and 200,000 rescue units have reportedly taken part in the "civial defence" drills. It is the largest safety measure the country has taken since the cold war. Some of those who took part tested the shelters' ventilation and wore protective hazmat suits.

The deputy head of Ministry, Andrey Mishchenko, told RIA Novosti: “An inventory was taken in Moscow of the city’s underground spaces, in order to allow us to plan for sheltering 100 per cent of the city’s population.”

Russia and the West’s relationship has become increasingly tense in recent years. Russia still supports dictator Bashar al-Assad, whereas the West wants to remove him from power.

Mr Zugey, the man who builds the shelters told the Wall Street Journal that each one accommodating a family of four costs £19,653.

The US has previously put sanctions on Russia’s arms largest exporter. The Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said: "We have used this period to conduct certain research and prepare a series of measures that will be applied in an asymmetric way should the sanctions be toughened further.”

Additionally, adding fuel to the fire. Russia is using a nuclear missile, Satan 2, which is 2000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb – it might be the most powerful bomb ever made. Vladimir Putin is reportedly planning to replace the old weapons with the newer, more powerful SS-18. Tensions between the two countries have also been heightened by both presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, blaming Russia for cyber-attacks on the US.