How to say 'Easter' in every European language

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Cartographer and linguist Jakub Marian has produced this beautiful map of 'Easter' in each European language.

For the variety of ways the holiday is celebrated in Europe, comes a variety of names.

Hunt out the most interesting ones below.

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According to Marian, the Germanic and Anglo words such as 'Easter' (England), and 'Ostern' (Germany, Austria) means 'dawn' or 'East'.

Paques (French), Pasqua (Italy), Paske (Denmark) and similar forms are related to the word 'Pascha', or 'Passover' which occurs at the same time of year.

In Slavic languages the term 'Big Night(s)/Day(s)' or 'Resurrection of Christ' are used.

The Hungarian 'húsvét' literally means 'meat-taker'.

For the full map and details visit Jakub Marian's site.

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