Jakub Marian

Cartographer and self-described linguist and mathematician Jakub Marian has created this map of average hours worked per week in Europe.

As it includes part time workers, the numbers are lower than the 40 hours many office workers complete each week.

The data is the most recent from the OECD, which showed the total hours worked per week in each country.

Marian then divided this figure from each country by 52.14, the average number of weeks in a year.

It shows that Greeks work on average the most hours per week, at 39.

The fewest number of hours per week was Germany, on 26.

The UK was 32 hours per week.

For a global context, Marian calculated the number of hours per week in other countries around the world:

  • Canada 33
  • Japan 33
  • United States 34
  • New Zealand 34
  • Israel 36
  • Chile 38
  • Korea 40
  • Mexico 43
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