The map of the world according to who every country thinks is most dangerous


Feeling apocalyptic right now? You’re probably not the only one.

But of course, who you think the bad guys are depends a lot on where you live. Which is what makes this map really interesting.

It uses data from a 2013 poll, which asked people from 65 different nations who they thought the biggest threat to world peace was.

Picture: Reddit/Loulan

The map was put together by Redditor Loulan.

It turns out the USA is the country most were concerned about. And while there were plenty of nations that you’d expect to put them top of the list -like Russia and China – there were also several that you’d consider Western allies of the US, like Spain, Germany and Australia.

Pakistan was second on the list, followed by China.

Iran was the most dangerous country according to the US, Canada and Britain.

It’s important to remember that this data is a couple of years old – and therefore doesn’t take into account Donald Trump….

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