Map: The most searched for drugs in the US

Map: The most searched for drugs in the US

Although using search engine popularity as a barometer for drug usage isn't an exact methodology, it does provide a useful insight into what substances people are trying to discover more about. has broken down the most searched for drugs on Google by each state in the US, observing an increase in methamphetamine searches, coinciding with the drug becoming more popular in the 2000s.

This mesmerising image shows the emergence of meth in the US states, particularly in the north west and mid-west.

We were going to try to make a version of this for the UK, but cannabis had such dominance in search traffic, that there was no point in breaking down by country.

Here's the top three:

UK Drug search prevalence:

Cannabis was the most searched for drug every year in the UK since 2004, across all four countries.

Here were the most prominent locations for cannabis searches:

If you've ever taken cannabis, or any other substance for that matter, the Global Drugs Survey 2016 is currently underway and wants to hear from you.

Watch the video, below:

Take the survey here.

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